Founded in 1999, IBCC launches, invests in, and operates early stage companies and grows them to become industry leaders. Our focus is on Information Technology, Medical Device, and Emerging Technology companies. We provide growth capital as well as a range of strategic, operational, and management resources to help our partner companies formulate business strategies, build management teams, and form critical alliances.
Company Portfolio Spotlight
Cambridge Technology Enterprises (CTE) is a thought leader, innovator, and a leading provider of comprehensive SOA-based solutions and Enterprise Transformation applications. CTE, with its Center of Innovation located on the MIT campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts, US, defines SOA innovation as the intersection of business insight and technological invention and creates revolutionary solutions On Budget and On Time.
Knome is the first personal genomics company to commercially offer complete genome (KnomeCOMPLETE™) and comprehensive gene (KnomeSELECT™) sequencing and analysis services to private individuals. The company's goal is to provide cutting-edge genetic interpretation services for our clients in a private and secure environment.